Wuhan/Corona/Covid-19 Virus Community Response

As a community, we are faced with a new crisis involving the Wuhan flu virus which is also known as the Corona virus or Covid-19.  King Outreach Ministry is blessed with many capable and dedicated volunteers who so graciously give of their time, energy and love.  We are here to serve the Lord and we willingly and happily do so. 
However, most of our volunteers are over 65 and this is the demographic most at risk from the Wuhan virus.  While we are doing everything we can to prevent exposure and we have changed our procedures dramatically, we cannot eliminate the risk entirely. We anticipate most of our volunteers will elect to not come in until the risk disappears.  This will make it very difficult for us to help those who need food, help with electricity disconnect notices, clothing requests, etc.

However with the schools closed, there is an opportunity for the community to come together and help King Outreach Ministry meet its mission to serve those who come to us in need.   We are inviting church youth groups, scouting organizations, high schools service clubs, neighborhood groups, home schoolers, etc. to pick one day, Monday-Saturday, either morning or afternoon, to come to King Outreach and the Thrift Shop and volunteer in small groups of 4-6 young adults.  While we would prefer to work with high school students, volunteers must currently be in at least 6th grade. We will provide adult supervision, but parental help is encouraged.

 THIS IS NOT DAYCARE! We will be actively working for several hours each shift to sort clothing and other donations, pull food orders, load vehicles, hang clothing, etc. It goes without saying that all volunteers must be healthy.  Please do not come in with colds, flu symptoms or other ailments.

For whatever reason, children and young adults under 20 are very seldom affected by the virus.  However, they can carry the virus so we will be taking the same steps to protect them as we do our adults.  This provides an opportunity for them to get out of the house, volunteer, help the community and get service hours as well as build a sense of community engagement and support.  With all the division in our daily lives, now is the time to come together and deliver our best.

Please call our Executive Director, Jeff Brown, at 336-983-4357 to discuss scheduling and to answer any questions you may have.  You may also email him at kingoutreach@triad.twcbc.com